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About Us

To provide high-quality products and services to our  customers in the Middle East and Africa, while also  promoting sustainable and ethical business practices.
To become a leading provider of innovative solutions in  the Middle East and Africa, while also fostering strong  partnerships with local organizations and businesses to  further expand our reach and impact in the region.
XYZ consultancy is committed to building strong partnerships with local organizations and businesses in the Middle East  and Africa to further expand our reach and impact in the region.

By collaborating with these partners, we aim to create  mutually beneficial relationships that promote sustainable and ethical business practices, while also providing high-  quality products and services to our customers.

Our Background

Over 20 years of Experience

The founding partner of XYZ consultancy haven been  operating in this business field since 1999 and have  extensive experience and knowledge of the Middle East  and China.

Working with Chinese Conglomerates

XYZ consultancy has a long history of working with Chinese  conglomerates in the region, helping them enter and  grow in the Middle East and Africa.

What We Do

Consulting for Chinese Companies

We provide strategic consulting  services to Chinese companies  looking to enter or accelerate  their growth in the Middle East  and Africa.

Market Entry Strategies

We help Chinese companies  develop market entry strategies  tailored to the specific needs of  the Middle East and Africa.

Local Partner Collaboration

We work with local partners in  the Middle East and Africa who  want to attract Chinese  business to their companies.

Our Previous Work Experience

Developing Sports Industry and Manufacturing in  Egypt
We have extensive experience in developing the sports  industry and manufacturing in Egypt, including the  construction of sports facilities and the production of  sports equipment.
Industrial Zones for Various
We have also developed industrial zones for various  sectors, including manufacturing, logistics, and  technology.
Supplying Construction
In addition to developing industrial zones, we have also  been involved in supplying construction materials for  various projects, including high-rise buildings and  infrastructure development.
20 Years of Experience in Automotive and Oil and Gas Sector
We have over 20 years of experience in the automotive  and oil and gas sector, including the development of oil  and gas pipelines and the production of automotive  parts.

Successful Market Entry Strategies for Chinese Companies in MEA.

Case Study: China Dafeng Industrial Company The world's leading integrated solution provider for the cultural and sports  industry.

XYZ consultancy worked with Dafeng company to develop a market entry strategy  for the Middle East and Africa.
The strategy included a thorough analysis of  the target market, including cultural differences, regulatory requirements, and  competition.
XYZ consultancy also provided guidance on local partnerships and  marketing strategies to help the Chinese company establish a strong  presence in the region.
As a result of the successful market entry strategy, the Chinese company was  able to establish a strong foothold in the Middle East and Africa, and has  since expanded its operations to other regions.

Where To Find Us


XYZ consultancy has an office in Dubai, which serves as our  regional headquarters in the Middle East. Located in the  heart of the city, our office is strategically positioned to  cater to the needs of our clients in the region.


While our operations extend across the entire Middle  East region, our main operations are based in Cairo,  Egypt. With a team of experienced consultants and  experts, we provide comprehensive support and  guidance to Chinese companies looking to enter and  grow in the Middle East and Africa.